Safeguarding in the Digital Era: The Dialogues of Cyber Diplomacy

25 September, 2024 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Cyber diplomacy international conference discussion topics

  • Promoting cooperation in cybersecurity: States are increasingly aware of the need for cooperation in cybersecurity. Namely, cyberdiplomacy promotes the exchange of information, joint training, and the development of international norms to enhance global cyberspace.
  • Addressing Emerging Technologies: The rapid development of emerging technologies, such as Artificial ─░ntelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), reveals new diplomatic considerations. Cyberdiplomacy facilitates discussions on ethical frameworks, standards, and regulations for these technologies.
  • Protecting digital freedoms: In an age of increased online surveillance and censorship, cyberdiplomacy plays an important role in defending digital freedoms and human rights in the digital space.
  • Navigating geopolitical tensions: Cyberdiplomacy plays an important role in managing geopolitical tensions exacerbated by cyberactivities. Diplomatic efforts are needed to prevent cyber conflict and ensure responsible government behavior in cyberspace.
  • Improving digital commerce and governance: As digital commerce grows exponentially, cyberdiplomacy supports the development of policies that streamline the flow of cross-border information while protecting privacy and consumer rights.