The Flame Towers

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku nights wouldn’t be the same without the spectacularly illuminated Flame Towers – the trio of flame-shaped skyscrapers that dominate the city’s modern skyline. One of them houses the Fairmont Baku hotel, a luxurious urban getaway with spectacular views over the city centre and Baku Bay. The other two are fitted with apartments and office blocks. Given their elevated location, the Flame Towers are visible from almost anywhere in the city, however for the best views and to get the most ‘Instagrammable’ images head to the Seaside Boulevard and Highland Park. The towers symbolise the eternally burning fires that made Baku an ancient centre of fire worshipping and at night their facades bring the flames to life with the help of some 10,000 LED lights. Don’t miss photographing this marvel of modern engineering!